Mystery Shopping Vietnam

With the complexity of delivering consistent brand experience, it is very important for companies to understand how consumers are experiencing their brands. We provide services as such to help businesses understand the experiences, and feedbacks from Mystery Shoppers to fully maximize the return for your business.

Reasons for using Mystery Shopping Services in Vietnam

Market research China

  • You have standard of hospitality to be applied,
  • You have more than one retail or business operation places,
  • You want to monitor, improve and maintain your company service level.

We provide quantitative and qualitative analysis of the information gained, and the appropriate action from mystery shopping with following benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and the advantage of attracting new ones
  • Increased sales and profits
  • Demonstration of the importance of relationship between customers, business and employees and their role in it
  • Detection of any deficiencies from the customer or business
  • Help with planning future business policy
  • Ability to anticipate and meet the satisfaction of consumers
  • Increase in your competitive advantage
  • Facilitate pricing policy and the behavior of competition

We have the means to oversee research happening in Vietnam, eliminating the need for our clients to deal with multiple agents at once. We use cutting-edge data gathering, analysis and aggregation methods and software to funnel digital and physical data gathered across Vietnam into a single actionable report for our clients.

Our mystery shopping service solutions include:

Mystery shopping

  • Product recommendation: we show you where and how retailers recommend your products
  • Customer service experience: we reveal how your employees engage with your customers
  • Compliance: we track compliance with service standards, product availability and price
  • Retail audits: we create reports on your store environments and point of sale communications
  • Industry teams: we assign consultants who are experts in your industry

Our mystery shopping teams show you how people experience your products and services across every point of contact and we benchmark their customer experience against your competitors. We are one of the leading mystery shopping research agencies in Vietnam, operating across multiple markets. With the information collected, we will provide a full report as instructed.

Below is how we put to use the information gained from Mystery Shopping:

  • For comparative analysis of locations in time and space and the establishment of an appropriate reward system after-effects and performance
  • For comparison with the competition
  • To identify deviations from standards and legal regulations
  • To detect weaknesses in the sale in relation to the customer
  • As a basis for the introduction of changes in the behavior of sales staff
  • As a basis for motivation, reward and training of sales personnel
  • For monitoring the effects of introduced changes in the behavior of sales staff
  • To measure the impact of changes in products, systems, employees’ approach, working time, advertising, etc. on the customer and the sale
  • As a basis for the survey of customer satisfaction
  • As a basis for defining the expectations and objectives of sales staff

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