Market research: enter Vietnam market

Vietnam has an ideal place to support companies in Europe who want to develop their products and services in Asia, especially in Vietnam. Market research in Vietnam can help you to better assess your potential. Major groups will discuss how they benefit from the services of the Vietnam international business network. The topics covered cover ways to gain access to the Asian market, upcoming Vietnamese investments abroad and possible technological collaboration with the Vietnamese and Asian markets. Vietnam, the leading asset and asset management center.

A website in Vietnamese is a derisory investment compared to the outlets it offers:

  • Selling on the Vietnamese market for SMEs. TradasiaExister in Vietnam with 126 million
  • Potential visitors. Creation of Vietnamese websiteAn international recognition. Creation of Vietnamese web siteContact after only 2 months of presence on the Vietnamese web. Vietnamese website creation Frequent and dynamic buyers. Design Vietnamese websiteA permanent showroom in Asia.

Today in Vietnam, having good content is essential. Your content really needs to be excellent to stand out. You must have quality content. Therefore, you need to know what quality content is. This type of content can be viral content, such as photos, videos, graphics, gifs, …


Why market research in Vietnam

More and more entrepreneurs are trying adventure and succeed thanks for specific market research in Vietnam. France – Vietnam is $ 6.3 billion. In one decade, 3 times more exports of which 70% are sent to Vietnam. Vietnam has 3,800 foreign companies with a base in the planned administrative region. There are to this day 750 French, and more than 17,000 French settled. Locally, the French lycée teaches 2,800 pupils. The Vietnamese appreciate French know-how in green technologies and industrial innovation. 13 companies have carte blanche to imagine the Vietnam of tomorrow through the « Wise City » project.

Vietnamese customers are very demanding. They want good quality content. So you have to keep creating content that will interest them.

If you can make storytelling about your brand or business, it will always be a plus. Your customers will always be more attentive to your brand if there is some emotion behind it.

80% of Vietnamese agents start their search on the internet in Vietnamese language search engines then, if they can not find, search engines in English. French is completely ignored. And so all the French companies. Presenting your company in Vietnamese on the web Vietnamese is guaranteed to be seen first!

Branding is very important in terms of lead generation in Vietnam. Working with a brand agency or a strategy consulting firm can help you to better understand how to optimize your branding, especially through market research in Vietnam. Indeed, it will allow you to build your brand and strengthen its characteristics. Thus, you will for example be able to keep your price high (if that is the case) because your products will match a brand that inspires confidence, quality.

Branding will get you the confidence of consumers. Branding is definitely a good ROI, Return On Investment. If you work your branding correctly, the leads will inevitably follow!

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